Moving Pictures of the Freedom Launcher

Thanks to the wonders of the digital age, and of course, Youtube, we're able to provide some great movies to show the Freedom Launcher in action. Below you'll find everything we currently have, but check back, as I'm sure we'll be adding more.

First Launch of the Freedom Launcher - May 5, 2006

We have two videos from the day we first used the Freedom Launcher. As you'll see, it did a pretty good job hurling bowling balls, and that was with only the weight of the empty freezer as a counterweight. Imagine how it will look when we get a few hundred pounds of rocks in there as a counterweight.

Here's a video of the first launch taken by Ron's brother Frank:

And another recorded by Kevin:

Rainbow Casino Commercial by ProVideo - Summer 2006

Back in June of 2006, ProVideo came by to record a commercial for Rainbow Casino. They generously provided all sorts of produce for us to hurl across the field. Here's the final product:

Inaugural Launch - December 1, 2007

The official unveiling of the revised Freedom Launcher